Why Indoor Agriculture?
Indoor systems are more predictable than greenhouses, and far more predictable than field agriculture. Since all light is meticulous controlled, the photoperiods are the same and use only the wavelengths that plants grow best in. This results in a predictably potent product with substantially similar properties, every time.

Not only are Indoor cultivators able to control the environmental inputs that effect their crop to optimize quality, they also are better able to protect from unforeseen catastrophic supply interruptions caused by weather, animals, pests, and down-wind contamination. Food Safety scientist broadly agree that E. coli contamination in produce almost always comes from irrigation water used on field.
Reliable Supply Chain
Due to the predictable nature of controlled environment agriculture, Bonanza Pharms is able to reliably supply wholesale clients of any size. We do so, by reserving capacity of each grow cycle for our repeat customers. We also reserve a portion of each harvest for the spot market. Get in touch with us today to lock-in your needs.
Contact us today for immediate delivery or to reserve a slot in our next harvest